pumalaot (v.)
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Look at her
That wide open sea
She looks however she pleases

Look at her

That wide open sea

She looks however she pleases

(Source : studioborlenghi)

(Source : studioborlenghi)

I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it.

— Tyler Kent White

TTBHA # 6.5: Cockroach Corpses on Your Bed


My kitten’s been leaving half-dead, half-eaten roaches on my bed for the last 3 days now. Yesterday it was 4 roaches, two nights ago it was 5, all over the linens, under the pillows, next to me on the bed in the morning. If she failed at all to leave roaches, she’d leave traces of their limbs all over my carpeted floor. I’ve had about enough of it. This morning, I was determined to keep her from entering my room while I was gone.

Tonight, as I was happily chatting on my roach-free bed, she comes in and drops another decimated roach on my bed, right on the spot where my idle forearm had freedom to rest. You could imagine my surprise when I felt a prickly, sticky, twitching substance instead of a freshly laundered comforter, with my kitten patiently studying my reaction as it happened. I was close enough to murdering her when I realized: the roaches were always alive enough so as to eat fresh, but way past dead to be able to run away. That she’d leave the roaches on my bed because this is where she knows I spend most of my time on.

Now despite all the awww’s and the butter welled up in my heart, I tried locking her out of the room just now. And not a minute later, she slid another roach in under the door, and slipped a tiny mitten in through after it so I’d know it were from her.


Imagine if we only knew how all kinds of universal truths – gratitude, surprise, loyalty, love – are communicated in all kinds of discourses


August 11’s Moon Rise

I went to Marineland Beach in Florida which faces the East in order to watch the moon rise. The horizon itself was cloudy so the moon showed itself when it was well above the water. It was so beautiful though and the diffused light from the clouds made the light all the more warmer. I was all alone at the beach and I had the Walter Mitty Soundtrack playing while waiting and eating a sandwich I brought along. It was well worth the wait and the trip! 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

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“I lunar you
you cumulus me
you high tide me
I transparent you
you twilight me
translucent me
you empty castle
and maze me
and parabola me
you horizontal
and vertical me
you oblique me

I breathe you
night and day I breathe you
I mouth you
I palate you I tooth and claw you
vulva and eyelid you
I breath you
groin you
blood you neck you
I calves you I certain you
I cheek and vein you

I hands you
sweat you
tongue you
nape you
I sail you
I shadow you I body and ghost you
I retina you in my breath
you iris yourself…”

End of the World: To Embody, Gherasim Luca (1913-1994)

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